Mixed use developments, without potential pitfalls

Image of Mixed-use development - Buildsmith

Mixed use developments are an attractive proposition for any developer – and welcomed by the 2021 National Planning Policy Framework. But creating multiple uses within the same site doesn’t come without its challenges.

Can you create the mixed use development of your dreams and keep all your stakeholders happy? With our list of 4 fatal mistakes to avoid, you’ll soon be laying the foundation for success.

1. Unrefined concept for your mixed use development

We know and love the buzz of a new project. But it’s all too easy to let the excitement of a multifaceted project run away with you. Common pitfalls include failing to refine which uses your project will target, or trying to squeeze too many functions into one space. Mixed use development doesn’t mean unlimited use development, after all!

Take the time to speak with a local expert with the experience of complex builds in your area. They can help you refine your concept to discover what’s really going to be successful, both for you as a developer and for the wider community. The result? An outstanding build and an enhanced local reputation.

2. Overspend and unexpected costs

With the current uncertainty of material and labour costs, it’s more important than ever to ensure your mixed use development is delivered on budget. Ensuring your budget is comprehensively structured before you’ve settled on the development is key.

You should consider how detailed and accurate your budget will need to be based on the size and nature of your development. Plus, you’ll need to ensure you have the appropriate contingency fund available for any unexpected challenges you face along the journey.

Without the right funds in place, your build could grind to a halt. Obtaining the right guidance from experienced construction consultants is invaluable in laying the groundwork for your next mixed use development.

3. Uncertainty around regulations for mixed used developments

As a more complex build than your traditional single use development, there’s a wealth of new regulations, building codes and laws which you’ll need to know. The very idea can seem daunting – particularly when wading your way through lengthy policies and frameworks. Plus, mistakes in meeting these codes can render your development unusable, and drastically affect its value and your bottom line.

It’s worth spending the time carefully researching these rules and regulations so you know exactly the standards your mixed use development will be required to meet. Better yet, tap into the experience of construction consultants who have successfully delivered on similar projects. They’ll save you the time of starting your research from scratch, and can offer a straight answer when asked: “how can we deliver this element of our build?”

4. Thinking inside the same box

Whether it’s your first time constructing a mixed use development, or you’ve already several under your belt, you probably have a vision of your final build. But all too often, these preconceived ideas stand in the way of innovative changes that can revolutionise the way you think and feel about your build – and the final project delivery.

That’s where thinking outside of the box comes in. Questions to ask yourself could include:

  • What other ways are there for achieving the same outcome for my mixed use development?
  • What’s been done before – and could it be done differently this time? 
  • How can I overcome obstacles that stand in the way to deliver a project that’s not just solid, but outstandingly innovative? 

Taking the time to research, discuss, and throw new ideas into the mix can make the difference between a bog-standard build and a truly exceptional construction. Making use of an experienced construction consultant can give you the answers to the all-important question of possibility, and help you push the boundaries of mixed use development construction.

Solid planning, innovative design for your mixed use development

Mixed use developments are an exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of construction – but they come with the added workload of refined costings, legal frameworks and meeting the needs of multiple users in your end product.

Here at Buildsmith Solutions, we’ve got the experience in mixed use developments to ensure your building is up to scratch throughout its construction. What’s more, we’ll create a build that goes beyond what you thought possible. Explore our experience and get in touch to find out how we can take your mixed use development to new heights!