Bespoke construction projects.

Delivering the clarity and guidance you need for a successful one-of-a-kind build.

A considered approach to bespoke construction projects.

Bespoke construction projects require extra time, planning and attention. It’s why so many project managers avoid novel or unusual builds — they just don’t want the headache.

But as problem-solvers and pragmatic visionaries, we embrace opportunities to bring these unique visions to life.

Whether you are building a large mixed use development or a bespoke eco-home, it all starts with your goals. We dig a little deeper to discover what you want to achieve, then provide the clarity, skills and expertise you need to get there.

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Mixed use development projects.

A park. A cinema. A residential building block. A library. A food court. Connecting walkways.

Your mixed used development could include any of these features and many more. These infinite configurations require an experienced and organized planner to hone.


Class Q permitted development projects.

Transforming a one-of-a-kind rustic space into something useful and valuable requires keen attention to detail.

We’ll ensure your rural building’s natural character is retained and used to your advantage.


Eco homes projects are niche by nature.

Eco houses are still relatively new in the UK, especially given the constant developments in sustainable design solutions and technology. As experienced bespoke construction project managers, we’ll ensure you get the best for both your budget and the planet.

Eco homes projects.

As bespoke construction projects, eco builds require specialised materials, niche contractors and a unique brief.

When you work with us, you benefit from construction project management that has experience, skill and connections in each of these areas.


Passive houses.

Passive homes are still rare in the UK. Designers, suppliers and builders who understand them are in short supply.

We have the connections and experience to make your bespoke sustainable build a success.

Carbon neutral homes.

Reducing carbon emissions in your build can be achieved in multiple ways — like utilising your existing plot or pursuing green power generation.

We’ll identify ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your build, while protecting your budget and investment.

Leo Scarborough: a bespoke construction projects pro on your side.

Not sure if you’re getting straight answers?

Leo founded Buildsmith Solutions to bring transparency to a notoriously obscure industry. We provide honest advice on what your project needs to get the results you want. That way, everyone is on the same page.

mage of Bespoke Construction Project
Image of Bespoke Construction Project

New perspectives on your build.

Our construction industry experience across quantity surveying, building surveying, contract managing, and construction project management gives us a knowledgeable 360-degree view of any project.

Don’t let mistakes cost you progress.

Sometimes things go wrong, whether it’s supply chain hold ups or communication breakdowns. When issues arise, we use our skill and experience to put them right. You can’t plan for the unforeseeable. But you can hire project managers who are equipped to meet any issue and keep your project on track.

Image of Bespoke Construction Project

Detangle bespoke construction projects with Buildsmith Solutions’ hands-on service.

Add value to your bespoke build with best-in-class construction project management.

A seamless build.

As expert communicators and mediators, we ensure your architect, surveyor and builder work together cohesively.

Peace of mind.

Bespoke construction projects don’t have to be stressful. Relax while your build is comprehensively managed by us.

Controlled costs.

As industry insiders, we negotiate the best prices from suppliers and contractors for your project. So your money goes further, for less.

Secure your rep.

Mistakes in construction can cost more than time or money; they can impact your professional reputation. We protect your build and your good name.

Let’s get your bespoke construction project off the ground.

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