Class Q permitted development.

Reduce stress and heighten returns with specialist construction project management for Class Q permitted developments.

Multiply the value of rural build with Class Q permitted development

Are you sitting on an agricultural plot that could be doing more? Class Q permitted development is your key to a thriving home business.

Through this unique planning resource, we’ll help you transform your obsolete agricultural building into a valuable commercial asset. From guest houses and AirBnbs to camp site blocks, Buildsmith Solutions have the experience and know-how to make your transformation simple and successful.

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Bespoke construction projects.

Working with multiple or complex rural units? We’ll bring in the perfect team to achieve your goals.

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Eco homes projects.

Searching for direction on a sustainable rural conversion? We have the skills and connections to help.

Rural conversion? Speak to our Class Q permitted development experts.


Hassle-free Class Q permitted developments: from unused outbuildings to luxury lodgings.

Starting a rural conversion from scratch can be daunting. That’s why our experienced advisors are on hand to help with every decision, however small.

Utilising decades of experience, we’ll help successfully renovate your empty agricultural barn into an extraordinary living space.

Class Q Permitted Development by Buildsmith Solution

Breeze through planning permission.

We scope out your space and work with you to create a brief that will satisfy planning permission.

Benefit from years of experience.

We’ve worked on unique and challenging projects, large and small. We’ll help execute your Class Q permitted development with ease.

Design your perfect project team.

Our multidisciplinary experience means we can bring in the ideal architect, surveyor and builder to achieve your goals.


Clearing your path to a smooth conversion.

When it comes to Class Q permitted developments, we offer more than good advice. We bring the organisational muscle you need for a streamlined, stress-free build.

Complete project management.

No stalling. No breakdowns in communication. No confusion between contractors. Total project management means we have it all in hand.

Putting the pieces together.

Keeping your build on time and budget involves detailed planning. With us on side, nothing is left to chance.

Total budget clarity.

Avoid exceeding your contingency budget by using professional budget planning. We make it our job to maximise your budget and utilise all of your existing resources.

One point of communication.

Construction involves many people working together to achieve a single goal. We ensure every stakeholder in your project is working together cohesively.

Get Class Q clarity today.

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