Eco homes projects.

Shrink your carbon footprint with a sustainable home built in harmony with the environment.

Protect the planet and your investment with eco homes projects.

Eco home projects encompass a world of new technology, materials and design that reduce the environmental impact of your build. But what does an ‘eco home’ mean to you?

Whether you want to lower the carbon footprint of your build, reduce your domestic energy needs or minimise the ecological impact of your home, we’ll help you identify the core objectives of your sustainable build. From there, we manage all the practicalities of design, cost and delivery to make the priorities of your eco home a reality.

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Looking for experienced construction management for eco home projects?

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Carbon neutral eco homes projects: Bring sustainable results to life.

If you’re passionate about reducing the impact of your home, carbon neutrality might be your ultimate goal. But even with an unlimited budget, 100% zero emission eco home projects are extremely difficult to achieve.

We won’t make you false promises. What we will do is give honest guidance on creating an energy-efficient home with a meaningful reduction in carbon emissions.

Balancing carbon and cost.

We don’t build dreams; we build realities. We’ll bulletproof your brief to ensure it’s achievable within your budget and timescales.

Reuse to reduce.

How much carbon is already embodied within your home? We’ll help reduce your build’s total carbon emissions by reusing and recycling existing materials.


Passive homes: Innovative design for high-end eco homes projects.

Create a house that draws on natural passive elements to heat and cool your home, reducing reliance on traditional heating and the energy it consumes.

Offering end-to-end construction management, expert cost analysis and specialist industry connections, we’ll help streamline your journey to a comfortable, ultra-efficient and eco-friendly home.

Make your home work hard for you.

Harness sunshine, shade and ventilation to maintain a climate-controlled and energy-efficient home all year round.

Construct your perfect team.

We’ll ensure each member of your build team has the knowledge and skills to bring your passive home to life.

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Greener results. Zero stress.

Any construction project has high stakes — but never more than building your own home. Let us take the strain in navigating the many complexities of your eco home project.

A brief that goes to plan.

We help builds go to plan the first time. We’re experts at spotting issues before they cause delays or expense to your project.

Tap into decades of experience.

A once-in-a-lifetime project for you — but not for The BuildSmith Solutions. Benefit from our experience navigating the unique challenges of eco homes projects.

Complete project management.

Eco homes projects require specialist contractors working in tandem. We manage your stakeholders to keep all the cogs turning smoothly.

Ready to invest in the environment?

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