Carbon neutral homes.

Invest in a home that secures our planet’s future, as well as your own.

Carbon neutral homes: Make your home a force for good.

If you’re passionate about making a positive difference to the planet, your home is the most personal way to make a change. But with so many options for a more sustainable build, planning your carbon neutral home can get complicated, fast.

What’s achievable in your budget? Which solutions will work best for your lifestyle? What are your priorities?

As experts in eco homes projects, we’ll help clarify your goals and develop an achievable brief that meets your needs.

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We understand the complexities of carbon neutral homes.

Are 100% carbon neutral homes realistic? It’s difficult. A zero carbon home should use no carbon to run it — or to build it. Even with unlimited time and funds, complete carbon neutrality is extremely hard to achieve.

But we can get pretty close. We use our experience in this sector to frankly assess your brief, timescales and budget. From here, we can help you build a home with significant reductions to carbon emissions through how it’s made, what it’s built with and how it runs.


What could a reduced carbon home look like for you?

We have experience implementing a broad variety of sustainable initiatives in eco houses. We’ll help discover the best options for your home.

Smart solutions to make your build greener.

One example? Swapping artificial insulation for sheep’s wool. We’ll assist you in making carbon-conscious material choices throughout your build.

Alternative energy sources.

Solar, wind and ventilation-based energy sources are becoming increasingly popular in domestic builds. We’ll source the best supply of green power to your home.

Rethink the building blocks of your home.

Some materials (like sustainably sourced timber) are innately better for the environment than others (like concrete). We’ll find greener swaps at their best prices.

Resist throwaway culture.

Your existing plot may have resources that can be reused, recycled and reincorporated. We’ll help you use these to your advantage.

A connected ecology.

Want to live in a more connected way with nature? Green walls to promote insect life and building in consideration of the watercourse are just two ways to do so. There are many more that might work for you.

Invest in complete management of your carbon neutral homes project.

As knowledgeable client-side agents, we remove the headache of managing a complex eco build.

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Understand your ‘why’.

Contractors will work to your brief but won’t necessarily understand the ethos behind it. We do. We ensure every aspect of your project is working to achieve your aims.

Filter out confusion.

We act as a central point of contact for your eco project. We remove stress from your build and meet problems with tried-and-tested solutions.

Make informed decisions.

Successful construction projects require proactive decision-making. We’ll give you the clarity you need to make knowledgeable decisions quickly and confidently.

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