Mixed use development.

Successfully integrate residential, commercial and cultural uses in a scheme that brings value to your investors, end users and you.

Set your mixed use development scheme on a path to success.

When it comes to mixed use developments, there’s no room for trial and error. The scale of these projects and the external investment required means that they need to go right — first time.

Our experience working on challenging mixed use developments means we know the pitfalls to look out for, and how to avoid them. By looking at your project goals and projected ROI, we offer design options, budget advice and project analysis that could save you millions, without compromising on quality.

Image of Mixed use development by Buildsmith Solutions

Integrating a bespoke construction project?

Mixed use developments can involve entertainment or cultural venues with one-of-a-kind designs. Our bespoke construction experts help make innovative plans a practical success.

Looking for greener solutions?

As experts in sustainable builds, we can help develop a scheme that prioritises environmental factors without forfeiting cost, design or quality.

Planning a housing development?

How many houses can you fit on your plot while still satisfying planning permission, investors and buyers? We provide the clarity you need for smart mixed use development planning.

Need specialist construction project management for your mixed use development?

Image of Mixed use development

Bringing design and practicality together.

Mixed use developments have to be many things to many people. With so many variables at play, reaching an achievable brief can take a meticulous eye for detail.

That’s why we don’t just start when the build does, but support you to get to that point. We use years of experience in design, surveying and planning to ensure that your vision marries innovative design with a feasible brief.


Your vision. Our expertise. Enhanced results.

Discover the difference that skilled project management can bring to your
mixed use development scheme.

ROI is king.

We keep tight control of your costs from day one to maximise profits to you and your investors. In doing so, we not only save you money, but protect your reputation and reduce your risk of PI claims.

Protect your time.

Say goodbye to time-heavy management of multiple contractors. We communicate directly with every person involved in the build. We guarantee that you’ll notice the time you reclaim by having one central point of contact.

Run your build like clockwork.

Working in honest collaboration to get to a realistic brief means that once we set a contingency for timescales or budgets, we rarely exceed them. With attentive planning, your build can unfold with no surprises.

Planning a mixed use development scheme?

If you gave us 30 minutes to flag up the biggest flaws in your project, how much money could you save? Speak to our team to find out more.