Construction project management

Powering your construction project to meet your goals.

Streamline your build with intelligent construction project management

When you build with us, your success is our success. That’s why we’ll always give an honest assessment of your project, right from the get-go.

We won’t just oversee your build. We synchronise all the moving parts of your project, from design to procurement to contractor management. We filter out stress and confusion, bringing you clarity when you need it most. And we offer expert cost management that not only protects your investment, but increases your ROI.

With decades of experience in client-side construction project management, Buildsmith Solutions provide the skill and expertise you need to reduce risk, protect your budget, and make your project a guaranteed success.

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Looking for skilled construction project management for your build?

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Restore value to obsolete spaces with commercial to residential developments.

Recent work and lifestyle changes have left many commercial buildings sitting empty. So why not transform yours into a viable asset?

Drawing on years of commercial construction project management experience, we’ll help reform your office, factory or warehouse space into a lucrative residential housing development.

Reinvent to revitalise.

We have the experience and know-how to transform vacant spaces into powerful commercial opportunities.

Reduce risk.

Property development doesn’t have to be high risk. We’ll ensure your reputation, revenue and budget are protected from day dot.


From barn to AirBnB: Transform your space with Class Q permitted developments.

What could your space be doing for you? Whether you dream of a guest house, luxury holiday cottage or profitable AirBnB, we’ll help you transform your agricultural building into one with real value to your home or business.

Bulletproof your brief.

What do you need your build to do? We’ll help you develop a brief that achieves your goals within your budget and timescales. Then we’ll make it happen.

Get clear guidance.

Simplify your Class Q build with a construction project manager who’s been here before. We have the experience and know-how to ensure your project’s success.

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Comprehensive construction project management for mixed use developments.

Mixed use develops are notoriously difficult to navigate. Flaws are easy to miss, leading to project delays and commercial losses.

Our construction project management experience across residential developments, outdoor places and public infrastructures means we see the whole picture. We bring clarity to complex builds, developing achievable briefs with powerful commercial impact.

Briefs that don’t fall over.

Does your scheme need to do a lot for a lot of people? We’ll ensure your build starts with an achievable brief.

No avoidable mistakes.

The more a brief has to do, the more variables are involved. We’ll help control those variables so that none of them bring down the whole.


Stress-free builds designed around you.

We meet challenging builds with expertise and organisation. The result: a build that runs smoothly without any headaches for you.

Steering your ship.

As skilled communicators, we get the best from your people. From start to finish, we manage all project parts and the stakeholders they require.

Protecting your budget.

We understand what can be achieved within a timescales or budgets. We’ll be frank about what’s realistic in yours. Then we’ll stick to it.

Streamlining your project.

Filter out the stress and confusion from your project. We simplify the most complex builds with organisation and strategy.

Meeting your goals.

Your build is an investment. We won’t just oversee your build, but work with you to get the best value at every stage to maximise your return.


Eco homes projects.

Make your sustainable vision a reality with experienced construction project management that gives you grounded guidance.


Bespoke construction projects.

Is your brief a little out-of-the-ordinary? That’s our bag. Find out how we can help.

Let’s talk shop.