Behind the scenes – latest bespoke construction project

Image of Bespoke construction project.

At Buildsmith Solutions, we work with bespoke construction projects that need bespoke solutions every day. Here is one perfect example of how we achieved that, drawing on our years of expertise in construction-related planning and legal regulations:

A private investor looking for bespoke construction project expertise

We were approached in March 2022 by a long-standing private property owner with a substantial portfolio, which they wished to review. The objective was to explore potential alternative uses for some of the sites, with a view of increasing their market value and maximising their profitability.

The client came across us through an advertorial in a print magazine, and cited our experience and expertise in bespoke construction projects as the main reasons for getting in touch.

A formerly undiscovered covenant had left our client’s hands tied

The client had drawn up proposals for one particular plot of land within his portfolio, where they wanted to build two large homes on the site. Planning permission for the bespoke construction project had already been applied for, and granted.

However, there was a covenant in place on the land, placed by a statutory authority, that restricted the building of projects of that nature on the site in question. The design company that the client had previously used had not discovered that the covenant was in place, leaving the client in a difficult position.

Had the buildings been constructed, our client would have been prevented from selling or disposing of them. Instead, the homes would have had to have been demolished – leading to a substantial financial loss for the client.

The solution: challenge, negotiate and resolve

The client came to us in order to resolve this issue. We started by assessing the planning permission granted, and organising alterations that would accommodate the legal issues concerned.

We then entered into meaningful discussions with the statutory authority involved, and are currently negotiating the lifting of the covenant with them.

Our expertise has enabled us to understand the best ways to approach the statutory authorities, and to coordinate the process and negotiations across all stakeholders and parties concerned.

The results: a bespoke construction project with sizable returns

From a financial perspective, this bespoke construction project is set to deliver a considerable return on investment.

The existing value of the property was £800,000, and the client spent another £35,000 on fees with us and other partner organisations. The projected sale price of the plot is now £1.5million, meaning the project will generate a pre-tax profit of approximately 80%.

The other key benefit was the peace of mind that we were able to give the client. As we took care of organising all aspects of the negotiation and paperwork, thanks to our extensive expertise, they were able to relax in the knowledge that their build was in good hands. Leaving our client to focus on other areas that required his attention.

Planning a bespoke construction project?

If you need expert support with your bespoke build, we’re here to help. Give our friendly team a call, and we’ll work out your objectives, and what we can do to get you there.

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