The Buildsmith’s secrets to a successful mixed use development

All over the country, mixed use development projects are transforming otherwise redundant or run-down spaces into vibrant hubs of activity. Combining several different functions, whether residential, business, retail or leisure, they bring people together in ways that no other type of building project can – but can often be tricky to get right.

In this blog, we’ll share our four top tips on giving your mixed use development project the best possible chance of success.

Think of the future of your mixed use development

Every development looks shiny and new when it’s first completed, but this doesn’t always remain the case. 

A poorly-designed mixed use development can fall into decay quickly, with businesses and retail units within it failing due to low footfall, and residential areas suffering from anti-social behaviour. Any good planning application, therefore, should consider the long-term as well as the short-term, and how the community can benefit from the space for years to come.

Get positive buy-in from the public

A mixed use development tends to be a major project that will make a big difference to the local community. This makes it especially important to get them on side, especially at the consultation stage when they can put their views across.

It’s critical to demonstrate to the community what they will get out of your development, whether that’s new shops and services in the area, more job opportunities, or greater access to affordable housing options.

Put sustainability front-and-centre

As the UK continues its journey towards net zero, sustainability is now an expected part of every construction project, and your mixed use development is no exception to this. 

There are many different ways you can embrace sustainability within your project, and your planning application will ideally encompass several of them. These include (and are not necessarily limited to): solar panels, better insulation, renewable energy, recycled materials, sustainable design principles like BREEAM, and low-emission construction processes.

Choose your location wisely

Much of the success of any mixed use development can stand or fall on the location that’s chosen. Transport is a key factor to take into account: for example, how easy and quick would it be to reach the development by public transport, and what are the likely traffic and parking implications on the local area? 

A mixed use development will be visited by different volumes and types of visitors at different times of the day and week, and the knock-on impact on the wider area has to be considered in a planning application.

Get expert support for your mixed use development planning

A mixed use development can be a major undertaking, and putting together the designs and planning application can be complex as a result. But you shouldn’t feel like you have to go it alone: partnering with a business with expertise in these matters can help you maximise the potential of your project, and navigate any possible stumbling blocks along the way.

At Buildsmith Solutions, we have years of experience supporting the planning and implementation of mixed use development projects just like yours. To discuss your specific needs and to find out more on how we can help you, get in touch with us today.