What is Secured by Design?

Image of Secured by Design

The Secured By Design initiative aims to keep crime reduction at the heart of building design. 

When it comes to a high quality investment project, it’s common to consider factors such as building materials, energy sources or even creating a carbon neutral home.

But security can be an afterthought. Here’s how using Secured by Design approved products and design techniques can help you construct safe spaces for all your users.

How does Secured by Design fit into my next construction project?

Secured by Design offers two key elements for project developers. The first is their design checklists. Through this detailed guidance, developers have access to the latest in recommendations to build safe, secure projects. 

From the layout of footpaths to the design of your letterbox, the comprehensive guidance gives building teams the help they need to ensure that they deliver a safe, solid construction. 

The second element of Secured by Design is their approved products scheme. This provides purchasers of products, such as windows, doors and locks, with the security of knowing that these are accredited by the Secured by Design initiative, meeting their high standards in crime prevention.

Secured by Design initiative building – the best way to prevent crime!

The Secured by Design initiative is owned by the UK Police Service and was founded in 1989. They work alongside Designing Out Crime Officers in local police forces to provide recommendations for construction layouts and design. And there’s some very impressive stats to back up the effectiveness of their initiative. 

When it comes to secure construction products, Secured by Design utilises their Police Preferred Specifications. In order to be accredited by this scheme, product owners must undertake the certification process to confirm that the product complies fully with the Secured by Design initiative.

How much time and money will Secured by Design add to my build?

Getting to grips with the comprehensive guidelines for designing out crime and incorporating the latest products that meet the Police Preferred Specifications can feel overwhelming. 

But when it comes to securing your investment in the long term, it’s an initiative worth getting your head, and building design, around.

Utilising an expert construction consultant can take a lot of this extensive reading, research and searching off your plate. A quality construction consultant will be familiar with the guidance offered by Secured by Design. 

Plus, they’ll be able to recommend and source products which are certified by the scheme. And when you know your build is in safe hands, you’ll sleep soundly, just like your soon-to-be occupiers now can.

Secured by Design offers the latest guidance in anti-crime building design

When it comes to your build, putting safety and security first secures its longevity and usability. That means making sure your building matches the Secured by Design guidance, and that you’ve utilised approved products, is a worthwhile investment.

Buildsmith Solutions can offer the expertise needed to ensure your next project is compliant with the Secured by Design initiative. With our bespoke construction consultancy, we’ll ensure your design is fully secure, inside and out. 

And with our helpful advice, you’ll avoid costly mistakes and potential risks further down the line. Get in touch to find out how we can help you design out crime for your next investment.